Earn More From Your Cell Tower Lease

  • The value of something is more than just a monetary figure; it is its worth and importance to you. Think of what you could do if you received a substantial lump-sum of money from a cell tower lease buyout. If you own a small business, could you use the money to expand and increase your revenue? If you run a non-profit enterprise, how many more people in the community could you reach? If you are retired, how would your quality of life and that of those you love improve?


  • Whether you seek the advice of a professional or rely on your own experience, there are countless ways you can invest your money to give you a return significantly greater than the amount of periodic cell site rent you might or might not receive from your site lease.

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Note: APWireless is not currently looking for land to install cell towers. We appreciate your interest and the opportunity to explore the potential of your suitable location for a cell site. However, at this time we are only interested in inquiries from landlords who have existing cell tower lease agreements.

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