APWireless celebrates its 10th consecutive year of growth

SAN DIEGO, July 07, 2020 – APWireless is celebrating its 10th anniversary of investing in telecommunications assets and providing alternative solutions for cell site landlords looking to capitalize on their cell site leases . The company’s strong presence in each of its operating markets and its relationship with existing cell site landlords around the world has led to 10 years of consecutive growth.

In 2010, APWireless acquired its first cell site lease in the United States with just a few employees. In the last 10 years, the company has grown to roughly 300 employees, with revenue producing assets in 19 countries. This growth has enabled APWireless to deploy over $800 million globally since the company’s inception. APWireless plans to continue its pattern of growth by investing in new assets such as telecom switches, data centers, fiber assets, DAS, and new tower builds in addition to cell site leases.

“2020 marks an incredible milestone for our company as we celebrate our 10th year of consecutive growth. I take great pride in what we have been able to accomplish over the last decade. We have a talented group of diverse individuals who have been instrumental in our success through hard work, passion, dedication and an entrepreneurial spirit. Looking ahead I am optimistic about the future; we will continue to think big, hire the brightest and most driven people and expand our platform to new opportunities and new investments world-wide,” said Dan Hasselman, Co-CEO of APWireless. With an experienced and dedicated team, APWireless has positioned itself to be a leading cell site lease investment firm for many years to come.