What We Do

As is the case with any major decision, we feel it is critically important that you are well informed. Once you have decided to consider a cell tower lease buyout, the process is straightforward.

What is a lease buyout?

A cell tower lease buyout is an alternative form of receiving the rent obtained from your wireless carrier lease. We make a large, up-front lump-sum payment to you and in return you grant us the right to receive rent from the wireless carrier for a fixed period of time.

What is the buyout process?

The cell tower lease buyout process is quick and easy. We listen to your financial needs and goals and analyze the specifics of your cell tower lease in order to tailor a financial offer specifically for you. After reaching an agreement we close the buyout transaction quickly, and even after you receive the funds, we will maintain an ongoing relationship that will benefit you for years to come.

What We Do was last updated January 19th, 2016 by APWireless Canada