Jeff Rivest

Fridgerald at APWireless was a pleasure to work with. He was very patient and answered all my questions. I would recommend APWireless to anyone looking to transfer their monthly payments to a lump sum buyout. Thanks again for your help Fridge! Essex County

Ottawa, ON

Pierre Gutknecht March 2021

Jennifer, at APWireless was a pleasure to deal with. She was very knowledgeable and was able to answer any questions that came up. This transaction has allowed me to now take a large sum of money and invest it for future years. I would not hesitate to recommend APWireless.

Alfred, ON

Jeff Jack | November 2020

I am very satisfied with the services provided by APWireless, Jennifer took the time to explain the process and was always available. She made it very clear and easy to understand and addressed all my concerns promptly. I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in selling their cell site lease.

Chatham-Kent, ON

Claude Arthur Gingras | July 2020

I met Ms. Jeanne of APWireless 2 years ago and I decided to sell them my telecommunications lease. This money will allow me to carry out projects now, not in 10 or 15 years. I am very satisfied with my decision. Many thanks to Jeanne who was very professional and always gave good advice.

Lotbinière, QC

Tracy Cosburn | April 2020

I was very nervous about discussing this matter. Alan and his team consistently answered all of my questions whether on the spot or later on. As time wore on throughout this deal I became more and more trusting in the process. I’ll admit I wasn’t easy because there isn’t many places to research this kind of deal. I am very glad that I went ahead with this because I feel that I get to enjoy some of the future of the deal that I constructed now. Period. And yet I still have a future income… And great negotiators to represent me for the duration of this contract. I would do it again.

Peterborough, ON

Claude Dubois | July 2019

APWireless and Jeanne were very professional. She took time to explain everything, even travelling from Quebec City to meet with us. The contract was explained very well. The first payment arrived a few days after signing and the second payment was received on time as well. We would recommend doing business with this company.

St Stephens with St James Anglican Church
Chambly, QC

Fred Brown | July 2019

My Experience with APWireless was very professional, and they helped me by offering advice and guidance and there was no pressure at all. I felt they looked after me and were respectful when I had questions and always treated me right.

Dawson, BC

Mathieu Pelchat | October 2018

I am very satisfied with the services received from APWireless, they answered all my questions and always in a relatively fast time. The payment was received very quickly and directly in my bank account. I would like to thank Mrs Jeanne for her excellent service, I am very satisfied. Everything was always very clear and well explained and that allowed me to achieve things much faster in my life. Another big thank you to you and all your team.

Saint-Alphonse de Granby, QC

Jean-Guy Mercier | September 2018

I would like to thank APWireless for the speed with which they made the first payment. It only took one day after the last document of the transaction was received. I would also like to thank Jeanne for all the work she has done with me on this deal. She took the time to explain the process and she was always available. It was very nice working with her. Thank you!

Ulverton, QC

Pierre Maisonneuve | September 2018

It was a pleasure doing business with APWireless. They helped us complete the rent prepayment transaction for our lease. We received a detailed analysis of our lease and the estimated cash value. The service was fast and professional. The transaction was completed within 2 weeks. Their legal team was flexible and able to modify a few terms in the head lease.

Boisbriand, QC

Wes Patterson | June 2018

I want to thank Joanne and the team at APWireless for the professional way that they handled our recent transaction. Joanne and her team were very helpful throughout the process and all of my questions were answered promptly. I would not hesitate to work with Joanne and APWireless again in the future and would gladly recommend them if anyone is interested in selling their cell site lease.

Edmonton, AB

Richard & Gloria Dechant | June 2018

APWireless was an excellent company to deal with and the staff was well informed and very professional. We will put the funds towards our retirement. We recommend working with APWireless.

Manning, AB

Esly Holmes | April 2018

I want to thank Joanne for introducing me to APWireless and their purchase of our site. She made it very clear and easy to understand the procedure of the sale and on closing there were no hidden clauses and would highly recommend her to anyone interested in selling their site.


Daniel Saint Jean | April 2018

We are so satisfied with the services provided by APWireless, they always had the answers to our questions and always provided a quick response. The payment was done rapidly, directly into our bank account.


Clément Roy | March 2018

Following the negotiations, Ms. Jeanne answered all of our questions and made sure to follow-up of with us throughout the whole process. Thank you for always being available to help us with whatever we needed.

Saint-Lambert de Lauzon

André Hébert / Saulnier Automobile Inc. – MotoSports | March 2018

I have completed a transaction with APWireless and Mrs Jeanne recently. I am extremely satisfied with their approach and the ease of the transaction. The decision to sell the lease was an easy decision given that my carrier was warning me of a major rent reduction or the site being decommissioned. I forwarded this information to APWireless. I will not have to deal with the carrier anymore since APWireless will now take care of it. Congratulations APWireless, everything was transparent.


John Trowbridge | January 2018

I want to express my gratitude to Joanne and the team at APWireless on the professional job they did handling our recent transaction. Joanne and her team were readily available throughout the process and all of my concerns were addressed promptly. I would not hesitate to do business with Joanne and APWireless again in the future and would recommend them to anyone who may be interested in selling their cell site lease.


Sylvain Robitaille / Syscomax | January 2018

APWireless promised a fast conclusion of the transaction. We had a positive experience with APWireless. A fast and efficient transaction.


Brian D. | July 2017

After speaking with Roger at APWireless Canada, and understanding the benefits of getting funds from a proposed lease prepayment option, to assist with renovations, I decided to take advantage of the opportunity. I am very satisfied with my experience and decision to partner with APWireless Canada. If you are thinking about getting funds from you cell tower lease through a lease prepayment option, I would recommend a partnership with APWireless Canada.


Jean Page | June 2017

When we were contacted by APWireless Canada and offered to buy our cell tower lease we found that opportunity very interesting for us. The APWireless director reassured us with his good faith from the beginning. His presentation was clear and complete. The offered amount was honest and met our expectations. Along the process, the several contributors involved were courteous, and even though APWireless is a foreign company, language was not a problem throughout our communications. Once all documents were completed, the payment was done really quickly. If it was to be done again, we would not hesitate to do business with the APWireless team.

Saint Albert

Keith Watson | June 2017

As promised by Roger, I have received the first payment from APWireless Canada just three days after signing our tower lease agreement. During our negotiations, each step of the process was well explained in a very professional manner. Since the tower was located on a family farm, several aging siblings were involved in this transaction. The extra patience required by APWireless staff and their willingness to review our questions in understandable terms was greatly appreciated. Maximizing our asset by receiving a buyout payment at this time made sense to us. Thank you again for bringing this idea to our attention.


Hotel Vallée des Forts | June 2017

I contacted APWireless after receiving a letter from them. I got into contact with Steven, who gave me all the required information and made me an offer in a timely manner. We were pleased with the offered amount which will be used to pay the mortgage and renovate our hotel. APWireless kept all their promises and were always communicating clearly and concisely during the process. I thank Steven and Annie for their work on this transaction.

R. Boucher

L. Williamson | June 2017

At first I knew nothing about APWireless, but Jeanne informed me a lot and I felt reassured. She listened to me and demonstrated great professionalism from the beginning to the end of the process. I received the payment a few days after the documents were signed and I am satisfied with my decision.


Yorrick De Souza | May 2017

We were impressed with the quality of service we received from APWireless Canada. Peter was very professional, informative, accommodating, flexible, and helpful. Through the process, Annie and Peter explained things carefully and thoroughly, listening to our requirements and making adjustments according. The funds from APWireless Canada will be going to help new business projects. Thanks to Peter, entire process was completed within 3 weeks. I am pleased that I do not have to concern myself with the decommissioning of the tower anymore!


The Trustees of Ebenezer United Church | April 2017

We decided to partner with APWireless Canada because several things happened all at once. We received a call from them asking to get together, and we received a letter from our previous tenants, that they were looking to decrease the rent on the cell tower. We understood that APWireless Canada would purchase the lease, and from then on, they would negotiate the rent, and handle what would happen with the tower. The people with whom we dealt at APWireless Canada were so refreshingly helpful and attentive, that we had confidence in their word.

From the beginning of the process, we were pleased and impressed with the quality of service, and the representatives from APWireless Canada. Specifically, we dealt with Steven and Roger. They were friendly, polite, informative and helpful. They were always there to answer questions, whether simple or complex. Through every step of the process, Steven listened to our concerns, and made adjustments according to our needs. They were very flexible, accommodating, and a pleasure to work with. Their lawyer, Annie, was friendly and accommodating as well. When it came to the contract, they were able to adjust all but one of our requests. In the end, we were very pleased with the purchase price we were offered, as well as the terms of the contract, and we plan to use the funds to further our church’s focus on justice and outreach. We are pleased that the money will go to help people in need, instead of worrying about decommissioning our cell site. On the whole, the process was, for the most part, pleasant and stress-free for us.

Margaret Tribe

Bianca Althoff | April 2017

Thanks for the info, but unfortunately a carrier is terminating our contract in July of 2017. If we could go back in time we would definitely have sent our lease agreement with the carrier to APWireless Canada and probably we would’ve moved forward with your offer. We did not believe in the risk and now we don’t have our rents to collect or the lump sum you were willing to offer, to reinvest.


Les Immeubles Uno Inc | April 2017

I would like to thank the APWireless Canada team for the work they accomplished in the transaction. Without your help, support , tenacity and professionalism, I’m sure this transaction wouldn’t be finalized yet. Thanks to entire APWireless Canada team, who conducted this transaction flawlessly.

Gilles Morneau

Britannia Glen Co-Operative Homes Inc | April 2017

A carrier signed a long term lease agreement with Britannia Glen Co-Operative Homes INC, with an option to renew every 5 years. Just before the forth term expired, we received a letter that said they would be removing their cellular facilities from our building rooftop. The carrier lease contract was bulletproof, and they made no mistakes. I thought that the rent every month would keep going until the term of the lease. I did not expect to lose the rent…! If I had a second chance, I would have taken advantage of the APWireless Canada prepayment offer. Nobody really knows what the industry will look like, or when the rent will stop coming in..! We could have used the funds for a number of building and property improvements. Now those projects are on hold! We now wish we had taken the APWireless Canada deal for over $ 125,000.00.

Joe Mifsud

Design Label Systems Inc | March 2017

It was a pleasure working with Don on the transfer of a lease to APWireless Canada. Don and APWireless Canada kept their word in all matters of the lease transfer including agreed upon timing and agreed upon issuance of funds. As a result of the hassle-free lease transfer, I was able to acquire the necessary funds for my business needs in a timely manner. I highly recommend APWireless Canada as your partner for lease assignments.

Imran Faruqui

Tobias House of Toronto | February 2017

We manage a non-profit housing corporation in Toronto with two buildings and 276 units. Steven presented a proposal to buy out the cell tower leases with some options – lump sum or five year instalments… The Board decided they didn’t want to be in the cellphone tower leasing business. They also felt with technology changing so quickly, it might be smart to cash out now. The Board accepted APWireless Canada’s five year payout offer. The non-profit will use the funds for much needed capital improvements at the buildings.

Bob Aykler

Quebec Landlord | February 2017

I was approached in the past by another company and I was hesitant… But APWireless Canada respected me. The Director Ms. Jeanne guided me in my decision making and gave me the time to gather my information from my accountant and from my notary. They made me an offer, I made a counter offer and we finally reached an agreement. During the signing of my contract, they agreed to add certain modifications. The first payment was made on time. Hence I am satisfied. These funds will go towards retirement.


Ing Developments 2009 Ltd | January 2017

Hugh was very professional and helpful in a recent assignment of a tower lease to APWireless Canada. The assignment proceeds ‘sweetened the pot’ for the ultimate buyer of our client’s estate real property and encouraged it to close two months ahead of schedule. This would not have happened without Hugh’s persistence and promptness in getting a deal done. Hugh did what he said he would do and fairly represented matters and timing throughout. I would recommend that others do business with him in the future.

Steve Major

3105-1451 Quebec Inc | January 2017

A good quality of service that will definitely have an impact on our lives.

Éric Giguère

Paul & Ruth Kenyon | January 2017

We received a personalized experience with APWireless Canada. All our questions were answered to our satisfaction, and in the end we decided not to take the chance that the tower could be decommissioned. At our ages we could put the money to good use.


Jolan Properties Inc. | January 2017

Last year I was approached by APWireless in regards to buying out the lease on the equipment on our roof. The lease had been in place for quite some time and we were very happy with the money we were getting. It was for this reason that we decided to turn down the offer from APWireless. Unfortunately, not long after, the carrier contacted us to inform us that they would be decommissioning the site as the equipment was old and outdated. They also told us that they would not be putting new equipment on our roof since they had already built up the network on surrounding locations. In hindsight, it would have been smart to pursue the offer extended to us by APWireless.

Josh Miller
North York

Quebec Landlord | December 2016

During the transaction process with APWireless Canada, we appreciated everyone’s involvement in the various steps. It was a really great pleasure to meet Jeanne. Her professionalism and support contributed greatly to the successful conclusion of this agreement. Thank you!


Dave and Carol Hawken | November 2016

My wife and I just completed selling our cell tower lease income rights to APWireless Canada. As retired people the annual tower lease income was helpful, but the lump sum payment has made our future much clearer and brighter. The staff at APWireless Canada could not have been more helpful, from their legal department to my main contact at the company Steven. I would encourage anyone looking to increase their equity now, instead of waiting for the annual lease cheque, to consider this option.


M. L. P. Autos Inc | November 2016

I would like to highlight the excellent work of the APWireless Canadian team.

They took the time to meet with me at my office in Trois-Rivières. He answered all my questions regarding the terms of the offer and the tax treatment to receive, which represent a significant amount for my rent.

They were able to understand my needs and expectations, and draft a satisfactory monetary agreement. The negotiated amount will be used to pursue other business activities.

They were very professional in providing us with all the documents required to initiate and to properly close the transaction.

Please accept this testimonial and my best regards.

Marc Laroche, President

Mike Aloneissi | October 2016

I own a site in Edmonton. A carrier signed a 25 year deal with me, with an option to renew every 5 years. Just before the third term expired, I received a letter that said they would be removing their tower from our site. The carrier lease contract is bulletproof, and they made no mistakes. I thought that the tower rent every month would keep going until the term of the tower lease. I did not expect to lose the tower. I know people who have lost their towers and are left with nothing. If I had a second chance, I would really take advantage of the APWireless Canada prepayment offer. Nobody really knows what the industry will look like, or when the rent will stop coming in..! I could have used the funds for many different things, now the decommissioning has stopped those plans.


Northwood Propane Ltd | October 2016

The APWireless Canada service was very good and personal. Peter worked through the partnership program process according to my need of a quick closure. All in all… the experience was very great!

Steve Norris

T&P Meyerhans Farm Inc | October 2016

I had a very good experience and enjoyed working with Rachel and Peter. The use of funds became very useful to expand our business. I appreciate all the front work that Peter did to educate me on APWireless Canada partnership and the industry. I strongly recommend APWireless Canada to other cell site owners.

Thomas Meyerhans

Ronald & Lorraine Michel | August 2016

I found Peter to be very professional, courteous and most patient through my transaction with APWireless Canada. He was extremely helpful with me to realize the potential of a structured arrangement and how I could use the APWireless Canada partnership to my short term and long term benefit. I am now able to focus on retirement and family without the burden of managing my demanding lease. I am very satisfied with my experience with APWireless Canada and would recommend a business partnership with them.

French River

Skene Transfer & Supply | August 2016

I was skeptical at first but they were honest and followed through with everything that they promised. The lease was, in my opinion, a bit over the top but with some explanations from APWireless lawyer I was able to get through it. Steven was very good to deal with and was great at following up and keeping me on task.

Alan Skene

Grace Hutchinson | July 2016

I have enjoyed doing business with the APWireless representatives by phone and by mail. Everything has gone very smoothly. I have received my first rent cheque over a month ago, from when we first started doing the business arrangement. I am taking a five year payout, this arrangement is very much appreciated by me.


Calgary & District Veterinary Clinic Ltd | June 2016

I felt that we would not have proceeded with this agreement without the trust and knowledge that was put forward by the APWireless representative Hugh. There was the right combination of industry knowledge, persistence and personality to make our group feel that we were getting a fair deal.

Dr. Greg Andrews, CEO

Hugh was very helpful, appeared to be trustworthy, and was very service oriented. He is a very good agent for APWireless. Never pushy but certainly kept things in motion.

Dennis Rach, President

BTR Rentals Inc | June 2016

I found Zachary, my contact, to be very professional, courteous and most patient through my transaction with APWireless. He was very helpful in getting me to realize the potential in a structured deal and how I could use the revenue stream generated from my site to my benefit. I am now afforded with the opportunity to focus on retirement without the burden of managing my lease into the future. I am very satisfied with my experience with APWireless.

Peter Brand, President

Rainbow Motel | May 2016

My experience doing business with APWireless was exceptionally good, I am very satisfied with the quality of service. Zachary kept me informed and up to date every step of the way. Thank you Zackary.

Frank Stamplecoski

Banas Family Holdings | March 2016

Dave was amazing. He was understanding and patient with me. Created a genuine relationship and showed an interest in my concerns and situation. The amount of money we received was higher than the other company that had made an offer, and was much better suited for our needs. APWireless was understanding and willing to review our concerns and questions of the legal documentation. They made many of the changes we had requested. They were a pleasure to work with and I would recommend them to anyone. It just makes so much sense to take the money now.

Jackie Banas

Samuel Cheng | February 2016

Frankly speaking, our experience with APWireless, especially with Steven, was very comfortable. Steven was professional and his performance was extremely good. Whenever we had any questions or concerns, he would always provide answers and advice promptly.

Samuel Cheng

John and Ann Tobey | January 2016

We have enjoyed working with APWireless representative Zachary in regard to our transaction. We found him to be cheerful and friendly, patiently and politely answering all our questions in a helpful and respectful manner. We were very impressed with his salesmanship. We would recommend dealing with APWireless and Zachary.

John and Ann Tobey

Nate Feldman | December 2015

I had previously been approached by company reps over the phone but offers were not of interest at that time and could not see any incentive to enter into any agreements. Was approached earlier this year by Hugh who was able to provide a better understanding of APWireless and also created an incentive to participate but removing potential risks. The transaction will be used to pursue alternate opportunities.

Nate Feldman

Roy Holmquist | December 2015

I have nothing but good to say about my experience with Hugh & APWireless. They promised and delivered. Hugh was professional. knowledgeable and easy to converse with. This transaction will help us to pay down on our mortgage and thus help our bottom line.

Roy Holmquist

Peter and Louise Hlady | December 2015

The transaction with APWireless was terrific. Special thanks to Hugh for his assistance with the process. He is very accessible, easy to get along with and his knowledge was a huge help. Another thank you to Annie, paralegal for APWireless. She was very efficient and extremely prompt with all the paperwork and accessible as well when Peter and I had any questions or concerns.The whole experience with APWireless went smooth and we would recommend APWireless to anyone interested.

Peter and Louise Hlady

Ron Gould | December 2015

APWireless was upfront, professional and easy to deal with. It provided an upfront guarantee against cancellation of the existing lease while providing a fair return on expected future payments on a tax effective basis. It allowed my wife and I an opportunity to pay the balance of our mortgage earlier than would have otherwise possible. Thank you very much.

Ron Gould

John Ippolito | September 2015

It has been a pleasure working with you. I would like to thank you for introducing us to APWireless and the business they are doing.

Laval Christian Assembly (LCA Church) has been managing the Cellular Tower on our premises for over 20 years with money coming in regularly but slowly. We had never thought that there could be a way to maximise the use of these funds by having them up front.

Having the money in hand has allowed us to conduct projects that would have otherwise not been possible and we are quite pleased with the deal negotiated with APWireless.

The entire staff has acted with the highest professional and ethical calibre; their straightforward and upfront way of working has made it easy to work with them and a pleasant experience. From start to finish we were kept informed of the progress; deadlines were met and promises kept.

Terry, thank you for being so very helpful and caring for us in a most professional manner and you have guided us through the steps!


John Ippolito

Richard Garon | August 2015

Quand Terry m’a contacté, j’étais sceptique de faire ce type de transaction, Terry a prit le temps pour expliquer que APWireless pouvait acheter mes revenus de tour en échange d’un montant très important. Cette transaction m’a fourni une sécurité financière et la tranquillité d’esprit pour compléter mes projets. Je suis très satisfait avec le résultat et recommande Terry et l’équipe de APWireless.

Richard Garon

Sun Serve Holdings Inc. | July 2015

I would like to thank you for executing this contract in a quick and efficient fashion. I will admit that I was a little skeptical when first approached by you, as other companies had also presented offers in the past.

It was a pleasure dealing with you. All that you promised was delivered as such. You came back with a great offer and payment was delivered in a matter of days after signing of the documents.

I would recommend anyone considering the same type of agreement to give APWireless the opportunity to present an offer.

Luc Lemay
Ottawa, ON

Sylvio Lesperance | July 2015

Don and his group have been fantastic to work with. APWireless made the process easier than I expected. The funds from the transaction will allow me to clear some debt and put some money away for retirement.

Sylvio Lesperance

James Sand | July 2015

I worked with APWireless and was able to monetize an asset and still have some potential upside down the road. Reviewing the legal documents as quick and efficient and were able to customize the sale to suit our needs.

James Sand

Kelly Blackwell | June 2015

Their professionalism in handling everything made it all seem so effortless. If one person wasn’t sure of the answer, then another person quickly found who could answer my questions. They were able to close in 30 days efficiently and with little stress on my part. APWireless was able to handle all the banking concerns and talk to all the people that needed to be dealt with. I would gladly recommend APWireless to anyone who is considering in dealing with them. I was hesitant because I thought it would be a lot of work on my part and I didn’t have the time. I was wrong. It took very little time on my part. APWireless did the majority of the work and did it seamlessly.

Kelly Blackwell

Dennis Pennock | May 2015

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the way you handled the recent transaction between APWireless and myself. The process was a pleasant experience and you were at all times transparent and professional in handling the many obvious concerns I expressed to you.

There was a slight hitch at the end of the transaction but I appreciate that I received the money you promised. I have the opportunity of using this money towards a better purpose as opposed to maybe receiving the money over time. I would rather have the money today than risk the chance that my site goes away because of technology changes!

Again thank you for your efforts I felt I was treated fairly and I would recommend anyone to do business with APWireless.

Dennis Pennock

Walking A Ranches | April 2015

Transaction seemed too good to be true. Hugh was excellent to work with.

Bob Airth
Walking A Ranches

Columbia Pacific Agro Inc. | March 2015

When I was first contacted by APWireless I was skeptical as I had no experience with revenue stream buying and selling. The team at APWireless patiently walked me through the process, ensuring I was comfortable with the deal as we negotiated a fair and honest purchase arrangement. The team members of APWireless were organized and excellent communicators throughout the entire process, start to finish.

I would recommend APWireless to others thinking about selling their cell tower revenue stream.

Yours truly,

Bonnie Leonard

Enerzone Inc. | January 2015

Thank you SO MUCH for your time, understanding and patience with me during the
process of “selling off” Enerzone’s Bell Cell lease for 40 years to APWireless.

It has been 10 months or so since we first tried to get this done, but my Post Concussive
Syndrome has really hampered my life in dramatic ways. It is your great attitude that has created a trust which allowed me to move forward with signing the deal.

I’d love to keep in-touch and wish you and your family the BEST that LIFE offers.


Bob Henderson
Enerzone Inc.

Ryerson United Church | January 2015

As one of the oldest churches in the region, it is important for us to make sure that we keep an eye towards the future, carefully planning a path that will see our congregation continue and grow. For this reason, we need to make wise financial decisions that help us reach that goal.

When APWireless approached us to purchase our cellular tenant revenue, it presented a unique opportunity to take advantage of having uncertain future revenues from the cell site lease transformed into tangible money today. Having that money in hand now enables us to take active measures to make sure the church will continue to be a beacon in the community.

The transaction, like any, was not without complications, but the staff at APWireless was knowledgeable, professional, and attentive from start to finish, and we could not be happier with the results.

We believe that partnering with APWireless on our cell site lease was the best way to make the most out of the funds we were receiving, and that it will help ensure that our church and congregation will prosper for many generations to come.

R.E. Wade
Board of Trustees
Ryerson United Church, ON

Bonnie Richardson | December 2014

The staff at APWireless, in particular Brent and Rachel, were attentive and efficient. The process proceeded slowly, as we were careful to examine all the potential risks and rewards and to obtain legal advice for our own lawyer. The staff at APWireless were patient with us as we worked through the process and provided us with the support we required in a timely manner. Our corporation is planning to use the proceeds from this transaction to pay down a loan well in advance of its due date, saving us tens of thousands of dollars in interest charges.

Bonnie Richardson

Larry and Carol Wheeler | November 2014

Our experience with APWireless was a good one. Don was very knowledgeable and readily available to answer any questions that came up. He showed a great respect for us, his clients which was greatly appreciated. Rachel of the legal department was very readily available also. Thank you.

Larry and Carol Wheeler

Rejean Leclerc | October 2014

APWireless has very professional people to discuss offer and allows for fair negotiations both in terms of cash deal and future revenue sharing.

This transaction allows me to get immediate increase revenue from my site and not have to negotiate a new term lease with the tower company. It also provides a fair revenue for future years.

Rejean Leclerc

Auto Details Inc | September 2014

Hi Dave,

I just wanted to say thank you for all that you helped make happen. After being approached by APWireless I was able to take the time to research your offer. It made sense for me to consider the opportunity that was presented. I was able to take advantage of the up-front revenue from the transaction and invest it in the way I felt was best for my business. The part that I like best was that the entire team was knowledgeable, professional, and most importantly backed up what you said would transpire. If considering structuring a cellular deal, and are the type that needs to have things done right… I would not hesitate to recommend APWireless. Thanks again.

Desmond Ross, Hands on CEO

Garth & Margaret Fawcett | August 2014

Our experience with APWireless was comfortable. Anytime we needed any questions answered we could phone anyone in the team. APWireless was very honest and has delivered on every promise.

Garth & Margaret Fawcett

Ronald Jean-Marie | July 2014

Working with the APWireless staff was a professional but friendly experience. There was never any pressure applied by staff during negotiations to reach a mutual financial agreement. I was very satisfied with the results of these negotiations and would recommend other potential clients to consider working with APWireless staff to their own financial benefit. This transaction will provide me financial security and peace of mind during my retirement.

Ronald Jean-Marie

Sturgeon Cabs Ltd | April 2014

Our APWireless representative was very knowledgeable and explained the whole transaction in great detail. He was always available to answer any questions that arose during the process. The APWireless team was great to deal with and we hope to continue doing business with them in the future.

Thank you,

Noeleen Gallagher
Sturgeon Cabs Ltd

Tom Shoebottom | April 2014

The APWireless representative I worked with was extremely knowledgeable and customer oriented. He was a great asset in putting this deal together. APWireless was an excellent company to deal with and the legal department put things together quite well. This transaction allowed me to pay off my mortgage on the property sooner than originally planned. I would recommend working with APWireless to other potential clients.

Tom Shoebottom

Matt Properties Ltd. | February 2014

I just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude to you and your team at APWireless on the smooth professional job you did handling our large transaction.

I was very pleased that such a complex transaction was so easily handled by phone and email. You and your team were readily available at every step of the transaction. Answering my questions promptly and making sure that I was not left in the dark guessing about the next step.

Thanks again for everything.

Marcel Girouard
Owner – Matt Properties Ltd.

Hirsch Excavating | February 2014

We started the lease buyout with another company, and when it was time to do the final execution they were not able to follow through in a timely manner and the contract went passed the deadline. I would like to say that dealing with APWireless was an easy and painless experience. Dave Bourgouin ensured everything was as simple as reading the contract and any questions were answered in a timely manner. We have received payment as promised.

Thanks APWireless for your great service.


Tanya Doutaz

Dennis Kolpack | January 2014

It was an interesting and pleasant experience dealing with APWireless. I found the APWireless representative to be friendly and well-informed. It was reassuring to work with a patient fellow Canadian with good old-fashioned values.

I hope to have a long and prosperous relationship with APWireless. They are eager to work with you to find a satisfactory deal. This is a company not only interested in a cash grab; they desire a mutually beneficial partnership. I would recommend them above their competition in their ability to close a deal.

Dennis Kolpack

Robert Hoare | January 2014

My dealings with APWireless, and in particular yourself, have nothing but first class. The lines of communication have always been handled in a very expeditious manner. You exceeded my expectations. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

Robert Hoare

Ken Sharp | October 2013

Hope everything is well with you. I would like to thank you for your fantastic job in performing an excellent service bringing your business partners together with me. I hope our success together will carry on for many years.

Once again thank you and great job!

Ken Sharp

Latco Inc. | October 2013


Thank you for introducing yourself to me a few weeks ago.

I wanted to drop you a note to pass on our comments to you on Bryan, who as you know, was our contact on this deal.

Bryan was very pleasant to deal with. I found him straightforward, yet accommodating. He helped us through the process and the resultant decisions we needed to make without us feeling like we were being lead. He is a tremendous asset to your team, and has the patience required to do the job as I’m sure we weren’t, or at least I hope we weren’t, his worst customers.

We also found Bryan knowledgeable in his area and a couple times asked for information he to go research, and he came back to us with great information on a timely basis in both instances. He is great on follow through.

Thank you again, and best wishes to your team.


Ross S. Lancaster
Latco Inc.

Calabogie Peaks Resort | August 2013

I wanted to acknowledge what a great job your team did monetizing our cell tower lease.

The APWireless team was well organized from the start. The documentation was clear, and everyone on the team was very professional, efficient and interested in seeking solutions.

I would not hesitate to recommend APWireless to any of your other prospective clients.

Best regards,

Paul Murphy
President – Calabogie Peaks Resort

Bradley Suntjens | June 2013

It has been a great pleasure working with Bryan at APWireless on the sale of the cell site. Prior to this business proposal, I had never heard of such an arrangement. Bryan communicated a thorough explanation of the proposal’s components and process. When I didn’t have a clear understanding, Bryan took the time to clarify any misunderstandings. He was also very consistent with giving several updates about the proposal over the telephone. Thanks to Bryan’s friendliness, encouragement and professionalism, I did not cease the process. I would recommend anyone at any time to do business with Bryan as he is very knowledgeable, thorough and supportive throughout the entire process. Thanks for the positive experience Bryan! I greatly appreciate it!

Bradley Suntjens

Tracey Butler | May 2013

From the moment we have dealt with APWireless, their representatives have been nothing but amazing! They are professional, diligent in all of their efforts, and very friendly and easy to deal with. They are knowledgeable and genuinely have an interest in each client they provide for. They made this process seem easy. If we had to try and do this process alone, not only would it have taken way more time, but it would also have been filled with way more hassles! Any time we encountered a “bump in the road” they knew exactly what to do or who to contact or even dealt with the issue for us! I look very forward to our continued relationship with APWireless and I would recommend them to anyone!

Tracey Butler

Cheryl and Dwayne Isert | February 2013

When APWireless approached us with his proposal for our cell site lease, we were not sure what to think. We had never heard of such arrangements before. Through many phone calls, even after hour calls to accommodate my husband’s work schedule, and e-mails, all our questions and concerns were soon cleared up. Everyone that we dealt with made us feel important and that this transaction was safe. We looked forward to making some extra money!

Although our transaction had some unforeseen bumps along the way, things were finished up quite quickly. The staff was always friendly, easy to get a hold of and kept us apprised of all new developments, we felt certain that everything would work out great!

We would for sure recommend APWireless to any property owner, the process was easy and we always felt a part of the process. It was a pleasure doing business with APWireless and we look forward to the future business partnership with them.

Thanks again APWireless for all your help and support!

Cheryl and Dwayne Isert

Clint Gustafson | February 2013

It was a pleasure doing business with everyone at APWireless that worked diligently to close my recent transaction.

When I was approached in late 2012 to discuss the opportunity to have APWireless manage my telecommunications site I had not heard of such an arrangement before. APWireless took the time to explain thoroughly and in depth each component of the proposal.

On all occasions I experienced great professionalism and most importantly utmost honestly. I would recommend to any property owner who is approached by APWireless to listen to and fully comprehend their business model, you may just be lucky enough for them to work with you also.

Much thanks to all at APWireless,

Clint Gustafson

Osadchuk Transport Ltd. and Frizzley Trucking Ltd. | December 2012

When APWireless first called us to inquire about our cell site, we were intrigued by the notion that anyone would want to buy our lease. We had never heard of such a thing. Be that as it may, after several conversations it became clear to us that this was an opportunity knocking. As small business owners, we were able to maximize a lump sum return for our tower as opposed to the monthly payments we had been accustomed to receiving. It just made sense and we are happy with our transaction. While it took some time to complete the process, we were always kept apprised and felt that APWireless was forthcoming and had our interest at heart. We would recommend APWireless to anyone with a cellular lease on their property who can see the advantage and benefit of cash in hand today.

M. Osadchuk and C. Frizzley

Rural Municipality of St. Clements | November 2012

When APWireless approached us with a cellular lease conversion proposal, it was the first time that we had heard of anything like it. The concept was easy to understand but I was unable to find any other Canadian Municipality who had worked with APWireless.

Through an Internet search I could see the company had a strong and growing presence in the United States, however, their expansion to Canada was just beginning. As a result, we worked diligently with the APWireless representatives to develop a better understanding of the proposal and the company itself. Through this process, we found that not only are they accessible and very easy to work with, they are also completely focused on providing the best solutions for their clients.

After gaining a better understanding of the APWireless business case model, two advantages became clear to me; 1) this provided a vehicle to minimize the risk to property owners associated with receiving wireless lease revenue; and 2) an infusion of capital could help address some infrastructure issues in a timely manner. We would recommend APWireless to any landlord looking to secure and maximize the value of their cellular tower income.

DJ Sigmundson, CAO