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For many property owners, the wireless industry appears to have its own vocabulary – here are a few key terms you should be familiar with:

Cell Site / Cell Tower

A location where a wireless carrier has installed communications equipment and cellular antennas on a tower or rooftop to operate their wireless network.

Lease Agreement / Wireless Lease

The contract between a wireless carrier or tower company and the property owner detailing the financial and operational terms and conditions under which a cell tower can be operated.

Co-location Rent

Rent paid to the property owner by additional wireless carriers to place their antennas and/or communications equipment on a cell tower owned by another carrier or tower company.


The lease terms that specify when and how much the rent paid by the wireless carrier will increase, typically defined as a percentage of rent at fixed intervals.

Right of First Refusal (ROFR)

Language within the lease that allows the wireless carrier or tower company to match a buyout or prepayment offer made by a third party.

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