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Laying the groundwork
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Bell to Acquire Canada’s Independent Telecoms Operator Distributel

Bell and Distributel together announced that Distributel intends to join the Bell group of companies to support its growth strategy in the residential and business segments for Internet services… Read more

Major Canadian telecommunication companies agree to an emergency outage deal

Major telecommunication companies have agreed to an emergency outage deal following Roger’s July outage, the Honourable François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Innovation… Read more

Public-private partnerships poised to play pivotal part in fiber proliferation

It’s no secret the U.S. is in the midst of a broadband land grab. But as operators scramble to snag their piece of the.. Read More

Rogers, Shaw finalize deal to sell Freedom Mobile in hopes of securing merger

Rogers Communications Inc. and Shaw Communications Inc. have finalized an agreement to sell Freedom Mobile to Videotron, a unit of Quebecor Inc., the companies said on Friday.. Read More

Nokia, Bell Canada stake claim with first 25G trial in North America

Nokia and Bell Canada teamed up to test next-generation fiber technology in the operator’s Advanced Technical Lab in Montreal, marking the first trial of 25G.. Read More

Competition Won’t Fix Canada’s Telecom Woes

On July 8, Rogers experienced an unprecedented network outage that left their customers without access to telecommunications services.. Read More

Over 28,000 petition signers call for end to Canada’s telecom monopoly

Expensive and unsafe networks require systemic change… Read More

Telus’ 5G network reaches 70% of Canadian population

Canadian telco Telus’ 5G network already reaches 70% of the Canadian population, the company said in a release.. Read More

Bell Canada brings 5G service to a number of P.E.I. communities

Mobility service in P.E.I. is getting stronger these days with the arrival of 5G service… Read More

Rogers shatters 5G coverage goal

Canadian operator Rogers Communications more than doubled the size of its 5G footprint, vastly exceeding its previous target for the number of towns and cities covered by the netwo… Read More

Bell Canada shakes off Covid-19 with 5G launch

Bell Canada deployed a commercial 5G service in five of the country’s largest cities a little more than a month after putting the move on hold due to the Covid-19 (coronavirus) p… Read More

Canadian private/public collaboration panel provides an excellent report to dispel 5G myths

Out of Canada comes an outstanding piece that lays groundwork for public understanding of 5G and dispels myths surrounding it. For something of technical depth, it is entirely read… Read More

Telus to launch 5G network with Huawei by end-2020: Report

Canadian mobile operator Telus will launch a 5G network in Canada later this year using equipment from Chinese vendor Huawei Technologies, Telus’ CFO Doug French said in an inter… Read More

Unlimited plans eat into Rogers results

Rogers Communications CEO Joe Natale revealed the first device compatible with the operator’s fledgling 5G network will become available in March, as the company reported Q4 2019… Read More

Shaw earnings miss expectations, but wireless grows to 1.7 million customers

Freedom Mobile launched in 19 new markets in 2019. Shaw Communications reported fourth-quarter income that missed analysts’ estimates though its wireless business grew more than … Read More

Rogers’ wireless subscriber growth slows amid price war among Canadian telcos

Rogers Communications Inc. added fewer net wireless subscribers in its fiscal second quarter amid a price war among Canadian telcos. The Toronto-based company’s postpaid net subs… Read More

Telus likely picked up market share in the quarter as strong results offset pricing pressure

New subscribers beat estimates, rising by a third to 186,000 during the three months. Telus Corp. said wireless expansion helped it achieve almost double-digit earnings growth duri… Read More

Huawei partners with local carriers to bring 4G to remote parts of Canada

Huawei Canada is partnering with local carriers ICE Wireless and Iristel to help deliver 4G service to 70 rural and remote areas in Canada by 2025. Huawei said the plans include 20… Read More

Canadian operators make unlimited moves

Bell Canada followed Rogers Communications in offering a so-called unlimited tariff, marking a major shift in a market known for pricey mobile service. The operators’ new plans w… Read More

Rogers beefs up network investments in British Columbia ahead of 5G

Canada-based telecom firm Rogers Communications has doubled investments in its wireless and wireline networks across the west coast in Canada as part of its “5G blueprint.” A c… Read More

Bell reports strong Q4 2018 revenue, total wireless subscriber base increases to 9,610,482

The carrier reported that postpaid net additions in Q4 2018 dropped to 122,000 from the 175,000 in Q4 2017. Montreal-based national carrier Bell reported a strong end to the year i… Read More

US senator warns about the use of Huawei gear in Canada’s 5G networks

The inclusion of Huawei technology in Canadian carriers’ 5G network infrastructure would pose a risk to the U.S., a senior American senator said during a recent interview with CB… Read More

Canada’s telecom and broadcasting sectors generated $67.6 billion in 2017: CRTC

The CRTC has formally released its latest annual ‘Communications Monitoring’ report. Canada’s telecom watchdog tabulated that the country’s telecommunications and broadcast… Read More

Telus Corp beats profit estimates on wireless growth

Canadian telecoms company Telus Corp reported a better-than-expected quarterly profit on Thursday, as more subscribers signed up for its wireless services, including high-speed int… Read More

Rogers announces plans to deploy nationwide LTE-M network for IoT

The Canadian carrier said the deployment will start in Ontario by the end of this year Canadian carrier Rogers announced its plan to launch an LTE Cat M1 network (LTE-M) to provide… Read More

Spray-On Antennas and The Future of Networks

Highly conductive spray-on antennas created by Drexel University researchers could change the future of antenna installation, Network World reported. Drexel researchers say the tec… Read More

Rogers Communications partners with UBC to build 5G Hub in Vancouver

Canadian telecom group Rogers and the University of British Columbia (UBC) have inked a three-year, multi-million dollar partnership deal to build a real-world 5G hub on the UBC ca… Read More

Mirroring Canada’s Market? Carrier Outlines S/TMO Merger Risks

Yesterday, we reported that companies that want to get into the wireless industry such as Dish, Altice and C-Spire as well as rural groups such as the Rural Wireless Association op… Read More

Rogers Communications to deploy thousands of small cells for 5G: CEO

Canadian telecom operator Rogers Communications confirmed plans to deploy thousands of small cells as part of its 5G efforts, the company’s President and CEO Joe Natale said duri… Read More

Another cable operator signals plans to get into wireless

The parent company of Atlantic Broadband—which is North America’s eighth largest cable operator with services in 11 states along the U.S. East Coast—said it plans to engage i… Read More

All you need to know about 2G network shutdown

Singapore’s 2G mobile network will be gradually shut down, with a complete cessation of 2G mobile services by April 18. In other words, you won’t be able to make calls,… Read More

Bell, Huawei carry out 5G tests in Canada

Canadian telecom operator Bell confirmed it is currently conducting further trials of 5G mobile technology in the 28 GHz and 3.5 GHz ranges. In a release to announce the telco’s … Read More

Mortgage brokers, home buyers concerned about new ‘stress test’ rules

New guidelines that will soon place restrictions on uninsured borrowers looking to secure a mortgage have — as one Ottawa realtor puts it — kicked the pursuit of a home into &#… Read More

It’s iPhone 8 launch day, so where are all the lines?

Every year, iPhone launch day is one of the busiest times at any Apple Store. Case in point, most people associate iPhone launch day with long lines, excited customers waiting to g… Read More

AT&T to Upgrade Cell Tower Sites As Part of FirstNet Buildout

AT&T says the FirstNet opt-in process is happening faster than the carrier expected. Twelve states have now chosen to opt-in to the first nationwide mobile broadband network f… Read More

Rogers Communications launches connected car offering

Canadian communications firm Rogers Communications has launched a connected car product in the local market. Built by Chinese vendor ZTE and powered by Mojio’s open platform for … Read More

Freedom Mobile now has 1,106,159 subscribers, ARPU increases to $37.05

Coming off its recent announcement of acquiring 700 MHz and 2500 MHz wireless spectrum licences from Quebecor, Shaw Communications, the parent company of Freedom Mobile, declared i… Read More

Canada’s major telecoms set to leap in to 5G technology

Canada’s major telecom operators are taking early steps toward the next great leap in wireless technology. Bell, Rogers and Telus are all participating in a global effort to deve… Read More

5G Let Me Drive a Vehicle From 60 Miles Away at Mobile World Congress

I’m not going to lie: Remotely driving a vehicle from 60-miles away is pretty cool. It’s the sort of stuff that makes you wonder what’s waiting in the not-very-di… Read More

5G networks are coming in 2020: here are the speeds and advantages to expect

I still remember the day when I first accessed the internet from a mobile device. It was in the early 2000’s, when I owned a Motorola T720 flip phone. Its data connection all… Read More

Six futuristic phone designs

Cell phone technology continues moving forward year after year, but many of the developments are incremental—a better camera, more storage space, or a faster processor. Those are… Read More

Videotron pleads for more bandwidth to compete with Big Three

Quebecor Inc. wants the government to help it gain access to the valuable wireless airwaves it says it needs to keep competing with the country’s largest cellphone carriers. Mano… Read More

Nokia, EE testing small cell equipped drones to deliver rural LTE

U.K. telecommunications operator EE and Finnish vendor Nokia have carried out a trial to provide LTE services in rural areas of Scotland, Nokia said in a blog post. Both companies … Read More

Canada’s cellphone rates rank among highest in 8-country study, report says

Canadians continue to pay some of the highest rates for wireless service in the G7 and Australia, according to a study commissioned by the CRTC and released Thursday. The study, wh… Read More

Techstars grad raises $5 million to create a ‘cell tower’ in space

Toronto-based Kepler Communications wants to launch a series of small satellites into space so connected machines can transmit information, no matter where they are in the world. T… Read More

Canada’s Telus profit grows with wireless bounce; shares rise

TORONTO (Reuters) – Telus Corp, one of Canada’s three biggest telecommunications companies, on Friday reported surprisingly strong wireless subscriber growth and raised… Read More

Bell and Nokia say 5G mobile is coming to Canada. But what does that mean?

Ready for internet speeds that are six times faster than what you currently have? That’s what Bell says will soon be coming to Canada. Along with partner Nokia, Bell said it has … Read More

Samsung Gets Ready to Shrink 5G Antennas & Chipsets

Samsung says that it will soon introduce miniaturized antennas and chipsets aimed at catching the first wave of 5G. 5G is the next-generation wireless technology intended to delive… Read More

Keep up the pressure on the telcos, Canada

Sysadmin Blog Bell Canada has lost their second appeal of the July 2015 decision by the CRTC requiring the opening of fibre networks by Canada’s major telcos for wholesale co… Read More

Mobile data and bandwidth demand to skyrocket by 2021, requiring 5G network: telecom execs

TORONTO — Whether it’s a person streaming video on their smartphone or a health care organization sharing genomic data with a university, C-suite telecom executives predict dem… Read More

Carriers using small cell tech to connect Canadians

The next big thing in connectivity is elusively, almost comically, small. As cities get denser, and its citizens’ wireless needs more explicit, carriers are looking to new techno… Read More

Canada’s Telus is finished expanding its macro sites

HONG KONG: Canada’s Telus is a strong proponent of hetnets and has turned its focus to expanding capacity with micro cells, aiming to simplify deployments by taking a plug-and-pl… Read More

Small Cells Help Operators Get Enterprising

London and Barcelona, 23 February, 2016: Small Cell Forum today revealed the results of independent research which point to a sharp uptake in Enterprise small cell deployments and … Read More

What is 5G? Everything you need to know about the next-gen mobile network

It wasn’t too long ago that the idea of phone-based internet outperforming home broadband was a ludicrous one. But now, in 2016, those with access to 4G find it is often better t… Read More

Bell Claims Your Network Should be Like a Pepperoni Pizza

Wireless carriers claims are a lot like accountants – you know the old saying – “figures don’t lie, but liars figure.” The numbers released for carriers can be manipulate… Read More

Rogers Communications Starts Internet of Things in Canada

Rogers Communications Inc. (RCI – Analyst Report), the largest integrated telecom operator in Canada, has become the first wireless operator in the nation to offer “Interne… Read More

Gaithersburg city council seeks public input on “Small” cell phone towers

Gaithersburg Mayor Jud Ashman and the City Council will hold a work session to discuss small cell tower installations in April. The meeting will give residents an opportunity to co… Read More

Shaw enters wireless market with closing of Wind Mobile deal

Shaw Communications Inc. is officially a player in Canada’s wireless market, after announcing it has closed its $1.6-billion acquisition of Wind Mobile Corp. on Tuesday. The Calg… Read More

Cell Tower News: Vandals and storms wreak havoc

Cell towers, as large outdoor structures, can be the subject of brutal force by both man and nature. First, a Telus tower near Oliver, British Columbia, was completely downed due t… Read More

American Tower reports strong growth, SBA minimal

In the excitement leading up to and during the recent NATE UNITE 2016 event, it seems the tower industry’s financial update escaped us until now. American Tower reports strong gr… Read More

Sugar Mobile could shake up cellphone oligopoly in Canada

Sugar Mobile, an upstart provider offering wireless plans for as little as $19 a month, appears to have found a backdoor into the Canadian cellphone market, which has long been lar… Read More

T-Mobile 5G plans remain cautious

T-Mobile US has joined AT&T in taking a more cautious approach to the deployment of so-called “5G” service, both of which are counter to Verizon Wireless’ aggressive 5G … Read More

Verizon’s McAdam: 5G speeds will be up to 1 Gbps and will be live at Verizon HQ in January

Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam said that the carrier expects to be able to offer 5G wireless speeds up to 1 Gbps, and that he expects the carrier to begin a commercial test of the techn… Read More

No Cell Signal? This Can Help When You Wander Off-Grid

I feel awfully naked whenever I head into an area with no cell service. Across surprisingly large swaths of American countryside, you’re basically a cave man, with no way to let … Read More

MetroPCS adds service in Mexico and Canada

Continuing to take cues from its parent company T-Mobile US, prepaid brand MetroPCS expanded its international efforts to Canada, offering unlimited talk, text and data north of th… Read More

Shaw’s $1.2B Wind Mobile deal will boost converged play

Canada’s Shaw Communications agreed to acquire local operator Wind Mobile in a transaction worth CAD1.6 billion ($1.2 billion) that will add mobile services to the cable operator… Read More

Crown Castle spends more on small cells than on new towers

Outdoor small cell deployments have been more complicated and expensive than network operators expected, but they remain the most viable option for carriers faced with intense data… Read More

Report: small cell and femtocell market to reach $5.98B by 2019

A new study from WinterGreen Research predicts the small cell and femtocell markets combined will reach $5.98 billion by 2019. That would constitute tremendous growth from the $420… Read More

Tenants Gently Evicted From Vacant AT&T Tower

An osprey nest resting upon an old AT&T cell tower in Helena, MT, created an interesting problem for crews that were planning to dismantle the tower. The two Ospreys, which is… Read More

New York prepares for surge in small cell deployments

New York City is preparing to solicit bids for new city streetlight poles that can accommodate more small cells, hoping to capture carrier spending before mobile operators lose pat… Read More

Nearly Half of U.S. Homes Use Cellphones Only, Shun Landlines

Nearly half of U.S. households only use cellphones, according to new federal statistics that show more and more people are cutting the cord on landlines.Now, only about 8 percent o… Read More

4G LTE, LTE-A Network Deployment Gain Strong Momentum

Long-Term Evolution (LTE), the most sought after next-generation (4G) super-fast wireless communications technology, is gaining rapid momentum worldwide. 4G wireless networks prima… Read More

Small Cells Growth Surges as Carriers Densify Network

Data from Austin, TX-based ABI Research finds consumers pushed the whopping growth – 43 percent on a compound annual average – by demanding more capacity over coverage area. Sm… Read More

Canada’s Telus is finished expanding its macro sites

Canada’s Telus is a strong proponent of hetnets and has turned its focus to expanding capacity with micro cells, aiming to simplify deployments by taking a plug-and-play approach… Read More

PEG Bandwidth: Content owners, cable operators are driving demand for 100G in Tier 2 and 3 markets

PEG Bandwidth has found that demand for its fiber-based higher speed services, including its 100G service, to wholesale and business customers in Tier 2 and Tier 3 markets is being… Read More

T-Mobile US unveils mini 4G LTE tower

In the latest of its Un-carrier amped marketing events, T-Mobile US today announced the 4G LTE CellSpot, which the company describes as a “first-ever 4G LTE mini-tower” designe… Read More

Tech revolution will require a new network: Bell Labs

Alcatel-Lucent’s Bell Labs launched a book called “The Future X Network” which says the world is on the brink of a new technological revolution – the so-called automation a… Read More

Outdoor DAS solutions evolve to better support mobile operators

Outdoor distributed antenna system solutions enable operators to offer coverage and support capacity requirements in places that the macro network cannot reach. Outdoor DAS solutio… Read More

The Benefits of the Tower World

The tower industry offers a lot of potential because the business model is great, and even though the industry isn’t risk-free, it’s pretty darn close in our opinion. The Benef… Read More

5G vision grows clearer as 2020 deadline gets closer

The 5G buzz is escalating as U.S. operators like Verizon Wireless (NYSE: VZ) are announcing 5G trials and vendors like Nokia Networks (NYSE:NOK) are promising commercial 5G-ready h… Read More

AT&T’s Cricket: ‘Few’ CDMA customers remain ahead of network shutdown, including in California

AT&T Mobility’s Cricket Wireless prepaid brand has “few” remaining customers on its legacy CDMA network, which is being officially shut down tomorrow. Cricke… Read More

Verizon to trial ‘5G’ next year

US operator Verizon announced plans to hold 5G field trials in 2016 in a bid to “accelerate the expected rate of innovation” of the technology. Verizon to trial ‘5G’ next y… Read More

FCC aligns 600 MHz plans with Canada

The Federal Communications Commission continues to craft its 600 MHz spectrum plans, with the latest move coming in connection with Canada’s government regulators over harmonizin… Read More

Canadian wireless prices rising at 3X inflation: Report

Feel like your wireless bill is growing faster than your pay cheque? Well, you’re right. And a new report sheds light on just how fast our smartphone bills are skyrocketing. Cana… Read More

Rogers wireless drops border cities roaming perk

Rogers wireless subscribers in Windsor will no longer get away with free roaming services when travelling to Detroit, the company said Thursday. Customers long avoided roaming fees… Read More

AT&T’s Cricket Offers Calls, Texts to Mexico and Canada

As of Sunday, Cricket Wireless customers will be able to talk and text freely to and from Mexico and, starting later in the month, Canada, the carrier said in a Friday morning pres… Read More

Qualcomm powers wireless charging of some phones

Qualcomm said this week that it has engineered a way to enable wireless charging of electronic devices with metal exteriors – claiming to be the first company to offer this techn… Read More

Macro Cells Remain Core of Network

Senior Telecom / Media High Yield Analyst Davis Hebert at Wells Fargo shared some takeaways from the company’s 4th annual telecom symposium, “The Wireless Supply Chain—Soup t… Read More

Are Wi-Fi and 4G LTE on a collision course?

The way Wi-Fi technology has grown over the last two decades is nothing short of phenomenal. What began as a simple way to wirelessly network isolated clusters of home or business … Read More

Canada’s competition watchdog seeks details from wireless carriers in Apple probe

The federal competition watchdog is turning to Canada’s wireless carriers in a bid to gather more information as part of its continuing investigation into Apple Inc. The Competit… Read More

Here are Canada’s most and least reliable wireless carriers

Quebec’s Videotron is Canada’s most reliable wireless company, recording the fewest problems per connection of any cellphone service provider in Canada, according to a survey f… Read More

CRTC wireless code now applies to all customers

Everyone with a three-year wireless contract will be able to break their agreement as of Wednesday without the hefty cancellation fees often mandated by carriers thanks to new regu… Read More

SpaceX has a radical new invention idea

Elon Musk’s SpaceX is planning a new network of satellites, and they’ll come with an interesting function: an Internet connection. According to an application filed with the FC… Read More

Rogers, Telus and BCE’s bid to delay wireless code of conduct rejected by federal court

The Federal Court of Appeal has rejected a bid by the country’s wireless service providers to delay the implementation of the wireless code of conduct. The CRTC introduced the ne… Read More

Canadians prefer the human touch when purchasing a smartphone

With the adoption of smartphones and tablets, Canadians have rushed online to find and purchase new products and services. A recent report from BrandSpark indicated that showroomin… Read More

Cellphone carriers lose court challenge over CRTC wireless code

Canada’s biggest cellular carriers have lost a legal challenge over a looming deadline that is expected to spark an increased period of competition for wireless customers. Cellph… Read More

Canada to regulate roaming rates, plans additional spectrum auction

Citing a lack of competition, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission said it plans to take steps in regulating roaming rates across the country. The move i… Read More

Wireless will Lean Heavily on Utilities for Small Cell Sites – Ganzi

The upcoming small cell build out will depend on siting antennas on electric utility infrastructure, Marc Ganzi, CEO, Digital Bridge Holdings, told an audience at the UTC Telecom &… Read More

Will cell towers soon become obsolete?

Advances in wireless technology could see cell towers become a thing of the past, according to telecommunications experts. “There’s no reason why your cellphone isnR… Read More

Rogers Communications Inc, BCE Inc nearly shut out of wireless spectrum auction because of cap rules

Ottawa will hold another spectrum auction beginning on Tuesday, the final one before this fall’s federal election, but a cap on how much of the 2500 MHz frequency band of airwave… Read More

Canada’s CRTC launches year-long review of basic telecoms access for broadband services

Telecoms industry regulator the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) is embarking on a wide-ranging review of what exactly constitutes a ‘basic leve… Read More

Why I Would Pay Off My Mortgage over Investing in the Market Every Time

I am completely debt free. I have no credit card payments, no car payments, no student loans, and as of December 11th, 2014, I have no mortgage payments. That’s right, I own my h… Read More

How Wireless Infrastructure works

From towers to cellphones and everything in between, wireless infrastructure is what makes it possible to do everything from checking your Facebook at a football game to calling 91… Read More

Small Cells Continue to Grow

During the first quarter conference calls of Crown Castle and SBA Communications, light was shed on the small cell sector. SBA noted that they have signed up for some small cell co… Read More

Rogers Communications Inc, BCE Inc nearly shut out of wireless spectrum auction because of cap rules

Ottawa will hold another spectrum auction beginning on Tuesday, the final one before this fall’s federal election, but a cap on how much of the 2500 MHz frequency band of airwave… Read More

Will cell towers soon become obsolete?

Advances in wireless technology could see cell towers become a thing of the past, according to telecommunications experts. “There’s no reason why your cellphone isn… Read More

Telus expected to dominate Canada’s 2.5 GHz spectrum auction

Canada’s quest for deeper mobile competition continues today as the country’s telecom regulator begins what is expected to be a short auction of spectrum licenses in the 2.5 GH… Read More

#TBT: A look inside Disney Mobile; Sprint eyes iPhone buzz … 8 years ago this week

As Disney Mobile L.L.C. approaches its one-year anniversary, the company provided a glimpse of how customers are making use of the innovative, family-centric applications at the he… Read More

Canadian wireless carriers brace for surge of expired contracts

Canada’s wireless carriers are quietly ramping up efforts to hang on to customers in the face of a June deadline that will spark a period of increased shopping around with millio… Read More

Wind Mobile replaces CEO, hands reins to former Public Mobile rival

Seven years ago, Tony Lacavera and Alek Krstajic almost went into business together before deciding to line up financial backers of their own and launch competing wireless startups… Read More

Top 5 considerations for the small cells business case

The Small Cell Forum recently released numbers showing that more than 10 million small cells shipped last year. Analyst Stefan Pongratz of Dell’Oro Group said that small cells sa… Read More

Verizon small cell investment likely to benefit East Coast

New York and Boston are likely beneficiaries of Verizon Wireless’ plan to add capacity to its network using outdoor small cells. The carrier said there are a handful of areas in … Read More

Manitoba Telecom Services Inc. Is Downgraded: Is This a Signal to Sell?

Regional telecommunications company Manitoba Telecom Services Inc. has been downgraded over fears that it is unable to meet the funding requirements for its pension plan. This puts… Read More

Industry Canada AWS-3 Spectrum Auction: Quebecor Media Acquires Four 30 MHz Licences

Quebecor Media is pleased to announce that it was the successful bidder on four 30 MHz licences in Industry Canada’s latest auction for AWS-3 commercial mobile spectrum. Queb… Read More

Small carriers win big in wireless spectrum auction

Three of Canada’s small wireless carriers were the biggest beneficiaries of the country’s latest spectrum auction, securing valuable airwaves for a fraction of what the nationa… Read More

How the CRTC Is Keeping Canada’s Telecom Giants in Check

Yesterday, U.S. FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler announced his agency’s commitment to the strongest possible rules to prevent telecommunications companies from forcing certain websit… Read More

Rogers buys no new spectrum as AWS-3 wireless auction raises $2.1B

The federal government unveiled results of the latest spectrum auction, which saw many cellular service carriers bid for chunks of Canada’s digital airwaves but didn’t … Read More

Canada’s AWS-3 spectrum auction begins today, results coming Friday

The Canadian government officially began accepting bids for the AWS-3 spectrum auction today. While AWS’s second round (the first was in 2008) is not expected to bring the same… Read More

How Google’s New Wireless Service Will Change The Internet

Google says its new wireless service will operate on a much smaller scale than the Verizons and the AT&Ts of the world, providing a new way for relatively few people to make c… Read More

AT&T, Verizon Not Expected To Push Into Canada Soon

AT&T says that it’s heading in the right direction by investing in Mexico’s telecom market. But expanding in the other direction might not be the right move for AT&… Read More

You’ll soon be able to try the technology that could make your phone’s internet 1,000 times faster than 4G

About a year ago, Artemis Networks CEO Steve Perlman said his startup was working on technology that could make your smartphone’s internet connection 1,000 times faster than … Read More

Bell appeals CRTC ruling on mobile TV app pricing

Bell Mobility Inc., has filed a motion with the Federal Court of Appeals in the hopes of reversing a recent Canada Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) ruling … Read More

Third-party towers eyed as key to high-speed Internet in Mono

The possibility of residents of Mono receiving high-speed Internet surfaces might be closer to the horizon than was originally thought. At last week’s council meeting, Dan Gibbon… Read More

TELUS Reports Strong Results for Fourth Quarter 2014 and Announces 2015 Financial Targets

For the fourth quarter of 2014, TELUS Corporation reported consolidated operating revenue growth of 6.1 per cent from a year earlier. Earnings before interest, income taxes, deprec… Read More

TELUS added 110,000 new wireless subs in Q4 on “customer first approach”

TELUS continued its financial winning streak last quarter (though in the Canadian market, do any carriers really lose?) with an earnings per share of $0.51 on revenue of $3.13 bil… Read More

Outlook for Alberta grows bleaker by the day

A new report today predicts uglier times for Alberta. Recently Canada’s economic leader, the province is suffering from the collapse in oil prices. And the outlook for the home o… Read More

It’s time Canada did some long-term thinking about oil

If lower oil prices are as bad for Canada’s economy as rate-cutting Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz insists, the central bank might consider assessing the risks to the econ… Read More

Price gap between condos, houses swells to record level

For many first-time homebuyers, condominiums have been the easiest way to get a foothold into the housing market, a pit stop on the way to a dream home. But a flood of new high-ris… Read More

Big, small players in race for new wireless spectrum

There are no surprise bidders for two auctions of cellular spectrum the Canadian government plans to hold in the coming months. The three national carriers – BCE Inc., Telus Corp… Read More

Canada’s Telecoms Are Losing Subscribers .. So They’re Hiking Prices

Some of Canada’s largest wireless and internet providers are responding to shrinking subscriber numbers by extracting more money from those customers they still have. Canada̵… Read More

Hey, America. Canada’s watchdog just slapped net neutrality rules on wireless internet

A decision by Canadian telecoms regulator CRTC may have significant implications after it applied net neutrality rules to wireless connections. In the ruling, the country’s l… Read More

TELUS rebrands Public Mobile as “Canada’s cooperative wireless provider,” offers data-only LTE plans

Public Mobile is new again. One could have seen this new direction coming months ago as TELUS, its new owner, told us in an email that “the brand will no longer have a retail pre… Read More

Auction’s field of qualified bidders could be down to one

A new year, a new wireless auction. As Ottawa prepares to put more mobile spectrum up for bid this spring – part of what it calls an effort to boost competition in the telecom in… Read More

WIND commits to spending in AWS-3 and 2500Mhz auctions

As if we needed any more confirmation of WIND’s intentions to stay put, ante up and become the fourth national carrier, now we have it. The company issued a release today committ… Read More

Mobilicity enters second debtor agreement to acquire funds for AWS-3 spectrum auction

Mobilicity has reportedly secured the necessary financing for participation in this year’s AWS-3 spectrum auction. Last week, the company requested another stay from creditors an… Read More

Updated federal cell tower guidelines not enough, Cambridge councillors hear

Cambridge councillors ordered city staff to consider stiffening municipal guidelines governing cellphone towers, after residents argued updated federal rules are still too vague. U… Read More

Canada’s Mobilicity to bid in upcoming spectrum auction

Canadian wireless startup Mobilicity said on Tuesday it will participate in an upcoming government auction of airwaves. Canada’s Mobilicity to bid in upcoming spectrum auctio… Read More

Verizon Lobbyist In Ottawa Wants To Talk Wireless Policy

Verizon may be taking another stab at coming to Canada. The U.S. wireless giant has hired a consultant to lobby the federal government on telecom policy, according to a new entry i… Read More

5G visions include drones, robots, high-altitude balloons

While providing comments on how the FCC should treat the use of spectrum bands above 24 GHz, interested parties also shared their visions for 5G–everything from M2M to robots… Read More

Goodbye 3G. Adios, Farewell, Sayonora.

Remember 1G? Maybe, like a vague memory you’re not sure actually exists. That’s the hope for 3G, and Verizon is working on discarding their 3G technology and replacing it all w… Read More

Proposed merger of U.S. wireless carriers a sign of things to come in Canada

Merger talks between U.S. wireless carriers Sprint-Nextel Corp. and T-Mobile USA are a sign of things to come in Canada’s wireless sector, a much smaller market many believe … Read More

Consortium of investors to buy Wind Mobile

Wind Mobile has reached a deal that will give it the financial backing it needs to become a viable fourth player in Canada’s wireless industry. Consortium of investors to buy Win… Read More

Telus Corp to shut down Public Mobile’s network and move 260,000 customers to main network

TORONTO — Telus Corp. says it will start shutting down Public Mobile’s cellphone network in May, moving the more than 260,000 discount customers to its main network over a peri… Read More

TELUS aims to shut down its CDMA network in 2015

Technology evolves and what was once advanced becomes obsolete. Such is the fate of CDMA. TELUS aims to shut down its CDMA network in 2015 was last modified: December 2nd, 2014 by … Read More

Bell Plans To Shutdown Its CDMA Network By January 1, 2017

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Bell to Shut Down Entire CDMA Network by Early 2017

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Canadians pay more for wireless because they demand more: report

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CRTC in ‘strange’ bind: Ottawa has already set roaming rate caps

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Fed’s tightening monetary policy may help ease Canadian household debt

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You might not need a mobile carrier by 2020

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