Trends and Alternatives

Wireless networks are tremendously complex and are changing continually. Without a crystal ball, no one knows for certain if a given site is going to remain operational long-term, or if there are going to be additional carriers coming. If someone tells you otherwise, ask for proof!

We’ve become the leading cell site lease investment firm in the world by understanding the industry better than anyone and informing landlords like you about your options. What we know is that there is no indication US carriers are interested in entering the Canadian market (reference and that tower and equipment consolidation in Canada is a reality (Shaw Communications recently announced the purchase of Wind Mobile, plus Bell and Telus already share some network assets).

There will be winners and losers as this plays out. The winners will be the landlords who are able to eliminate risk through a lease buyout and put the proceeds to use today in a way that creates more personal value. The losers will be the ones who stick their head in the sand and choose to ignore their alternatives.