Labour Day: A time to show your appreciation.

Although it is celebrated on different days all around the world, we all come together with the same intent, to honor the social and economic achievements of hardworking men and women over the decades. This celebration goes above and beyond the recognition of the individual worker and takes pride in the accomplishments of those individuals who have fought together through activism and labour movements. Pushing for fair wages, improved working conditions, shorter work days/weeks, and children’s rights in the working world.

With the increased practice of holiday sales, backyard barbecues, mini vacations, and plenty of rest and relaxation on this three day weekend, the true meaning of Labour Day can get a little hazy. We, however, cannot forget the importance of this occasion as a time to reflect on the courage of the working people who brought us Labour Day and the many working benefits we enjoy today. This Labour Day, enjoy your day off in whichever way you choose, but let’s also take a moment to reflect and appreciate the team of working individuals that make our lives function day-to-day. Doctors, Fire-Fighters, members of the Military are widely recognized and appreciated, as they should be, but we should also cherish the workers that are not often remembered.


In honor of Labour Day 2015, APWireless would like to give a special thanks to all of the telecommunications technicians that work hard to improve our internet connection. Their efforts allow us to better connect and interact with the world around us. We encourage everyone to take advantage of the wireless connections we have by calling someone you appreciate and letting them know how much you value their work.