Benefits of Reinvesting a Cell Tower Lease Prepayment

Have you received an offer of purchase on your cell site lease? Are you wondering whether the smart move is to take it?

Cell site leases vary greatly, from county to county and provinces to provinces, but the one thing they have in common is that the rewards are often reaped in the long run. You can decide to cash in early and receive a substantial up-front lump sum for your lease. APWireless Canada can provide you with a cell tower lease prepayment in exchange for the future rent that you would receive for the cell site on your property. What you do with this money is entirely up to you and the possibilities for reinvesting it are endless.


Your cell tower lease is already a significant source of income, but you can gain more security and control by taking charge of your cell site rent. The following are just some of the benefits of reinvesting a lump sum:

1. Fund your Business
Whether you’re already a small business owner or you’ve been thinking about starting your own company for a while, a lease prepayment can help you reach your entrepreneurial goals. Working for yourself gives you the flexibility to set your own hours and pursue your passions. Do you want to improve your work life balance or spend more time with those you love? Become your own boss. Make your own choices and build something you can be proud of.

2. Buy Real Estate
You may have had your eye on that vacation house for a while, or maybe you want to purchase an investment property to secure your future. With a sizable amount of money in your hands, you can go ahead and start signing those contracts. Investing in a tangible asset like real estate gives you more security than tying your money to a mast site that can be taken down. Moreover, properties tend to appreciate over time.

3. Enjoy Your Retirement
If you’ve already reached retirement age, think about how your quality of life would improve by receiving a considerable sum of money. Travel the world aboard a luxury cruise ship, share the wealth with your loved ones or think about all the ways you could help out your community. Not quite retirement age yet? Nothing prevents you from considering early retirement—start planning everything you could do once the day comes. You’ve worked hard, you deserve to enjoy your time and money.

So, have you thought about what you would do with a cell tower lease prepayment?

The benefits of investing in what you really want far outweigh the amount you could earn in cell site rent. What’s more, by taking charge of your cell tower or rooftop antenna rent now, you can avoid the disappointment of potentially winding up with an empty contract in your hands. New cell sites are constantly being built, while others are being taken down.

Have a look at some of our success stories and find out how landlords like you have invested their cell tower lease prepayment. Gain control over your lease today, eliminate the financial risk of site decommissions and start investing in yourself and your family.