“Predatory” Cell Tower Lease Buyout Companies (Secure Your Network)

Predatory Cell Tower Lease Buyout Companies

Are you considering selling your cell site lease to a lease prepayment company? Before you move forward, it’s important to realize that not all cell tower or rooftop antenna lease buyout companies have relationships with carriers the way we do or will offer you the same favorable terms.

APWireless Canada prioritizes a good relationship between wireless carriers and cell site owners, developing long-term partnerships that benefit all three parties involved: the cell site owner, the wireless carriers and the cell site lease investment firm. As professionals in the field, we only seek out win-win-win solutions.

Beware of Unfavorable Terms

Even though predatory cell tower lease prepayment companies may seemingly be willing to pay large sums of money for your lease rights, many landlords or cell site owners mistakenly accept payments without understanding all aspects of an offer. Make sure you seek professional advice and obtain a lease buyout that actually reflects the most favorable terms and provides comfort in a long-term relationship.

As the leading cell site lease investment firm in the world, we stand by our ethics and integrity in everything we do. We listen to each customer’s needs and use our deep experience and creativity to develop customized solutions.

Tri-party Relationship

As the leaseholder, you and the cell site tenant maintain a landlord-tenant relationship. The carrier pays you a monthly rental fee in exchange for exclusive rights to the leased premises. When you sell the lease to a third-party company in exchange for a cell tower lease buyout, you, the property owner, may remain the owner of the property and therefore must comply with all landlord obligations under the existing lease.

However, the wireless carrier must direct any questions or concerns about the property to the lease buyout company, once the lease is sold. This may include any proposed site modification or expansion of the premises. For this reason, it’s important that the new tri-party relationship be a positive one. For a win-win-win solution to be achieved, not only must the lease buyout transaction offer favorable terms for the landlord, but the ongoing administration of the cell site must continue to run smoothly. A good relationship between the wireless carrier, the landlord and the cell site lease buyout company will ensure this.

Only Do Business with Serious and Ethical Professionals

APWireless operates in 15 countries on five continents. We have successfully pursued telecommunications lease investments worldwide by employing local telecom industry professionals in each country and by recognizing that every client and every market is different. We base our solutions on local laws, financial concepts, customs and languages, delivering customized and innovative results.

So, How Much is My Cell Tower or Rooftop Antenna Lease Actually Worth?

The amount of the lease buyout APWireless Canada will offer you depends on the rent being received, the wireless carriers on your property, the terms of the lease agreement, the location, the duration of the lease period, and a number of other variables that make up our own risk assessment. Rest assured, however, that by doing business with us you will be offered favorable terms, a fair payout and a smooth transaction to ensure a true partnership for years to come.

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